Varenyky with pork and beef


Tender dough with meat filling.
Definitely one of the most popular Ukrainian dishes




Varenyky is a staple dish of Ukrainian cuisine. It’s definitely as popular as borscht. Ukrainian folklore contains many references to these dumplings, e.g. in folk songs and proverbs. Moreover, Ukrainians make monuments dedicated to varenyk not only in Ukraine, but also in the world.

Varenyky can have a variety of salty or sweet fillings: potatoes, cabbage, meat, cheese, berries, poppy seeds, and many others. It is worth noting that varenyky with meat are considered one of the oldest types.

Varenyky with meat go well with country potatoes. We also highly recommend trying our varenyky with potatoes.

You can order Varenyky with pork and beef from Ukrainian restaurant BORSCHT in Alkmaar at Stationsweg 14, 1815 CC or order delivery online via Thuisbezorgd or Uber Eats.

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