Ukrainian borscht


Traditional borscht with meat.
We cook according to a classic Ukrainian recipe.

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Borscht is the most famous and one of the tastiest Ukrainian dishes. There are more than 20 types of borscht, and every Ukrainian housewife has her own recipe.

The consumption of liquid hot dishes has been peculiar to Ukrainians since ancient times. We prefer boiling and stewing products. Such food is simple, easily digestible, and contains the maximum amount of vitamins, useful elements, and substances. Classic borscht is prepared with beets, as well as cabbage, potatoes, and meat (for example, chicken or ribs). Thanks to beets it has a sweet taste and a rich red or burgundy color. Borscht is very healthy due to the huge amount of vegetables. It is especially tasty with sour cream, and pampushki – small fluffy buns.

Along with borscht, we highly recommend ordering one of the classic Ukrainian main dishes, e.g vareniki (Ukrainian dumplings) or mlintsi (pancakes).

You can order Ukrainian borscht from Ukrainian restaurant BORSCHT in Alkmaar at Stationsweg 14, 1815 CC or order delivery online via Thuisbezorgd or Uber Eats.

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