Mlintsi with chicken


Fried pancakes with meat filling.
Incredibly tasty, because we cook it ourselves.



Although the history of the appearance of pancakes is quite controversial, historians confirm that Ukrainians have been cooking this dish since the days of Kyivan Rus. Pancakes are a ready-made dish, but Ukrainians love to wrap various fillings in pancakes. These can be, for example, mlintsi with meat, mushrooms, cheese, poppy seeds, cherries – this is how mlintsi become nalysnyky 🙂

You can try not only homemade mlintsi with chicken but also with salmon or mushrooms (don’t forget to add sour cream!).

You can order Mlintsi with chicken from Ukrainian restaurant BORSCHT in Alkmaar at Stationsweg 14, 1815 CC or order delivery online via Thuisbezorgd or Uber Eats.

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